The Camp

Our location in Straubenhardt, Germany has two floors with a total of 320 square metres. This includes 3 gamingrooms with a total of 12 fully equipped gaming setups and 4 sleeping rooms with 24 beds. Each floor contains a fully equipped  kitchen and a chillout area with TV, consoles, couches, sitting bags and more. By having each gaming setup equipped with 240hz AOC monitors, ragesafe gaming tables and noble gaming-chairs we give our best to deliver the most epic gaming experience and exceed our customers expectations.

1337 Camp
Gässlesweg 22-24
75334 Straubenhardt



Our first floor has an open chill-out area, two bathrooms , a fully equipped kitchen, aswell as two gaming rooms and two sleeping rooms.



The second floor of the 1337Camp has a chill-out area, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, two gaming rooms and two sleeping rooms. There are two balconys on the second floor which are accessable through the kitchen and the chill-out area.

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