More cores, more power, more AMD.
Since more then one year, we provide every customer with a high-end gaming computer.
These beasts can run the even most performance heavy games on highest quality.

From home to bootcamp, from bootcamp to LAN. Gamers have to travel pretty often nowadays. So packing and unpacking gaming gear becomes a more common challenge. Ority has created the perfect esports backpack, combining functionality, design, and sustainability, in a unique way to enhance the esports experience.

A perfect design matched with perfect sound. Hörluch in-ears are the most ideal headphones for lang lasting gaming sessions. "Hörluchs feels so light in comparison to other in-ears. It makes it so much easier to dive into the game and intensify the gaming experience."
There is a very good reason why pro gamers prefer these in-ears over a regular headset.
Background noises are reduced to a minimum and gamers can fully focus on the action on screen. These in-ears are a perfect fit for home, LAN-events and bootcamps.