Our Team consists of young and involved gamers.

Felix Papsdorf

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Founder

Previously I hosted LAN Partys in our garage, today I am able to enable Gamers around the globe to easily host their own LAN or bootcamp at our location.
Games : CS:GO

Johannes Bergdolt

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

I have been to many LAN Partys back in the days. It always was a joy. I remember having my computer and monitor with me on a train on the way to a LAN event. Today I am responsible for the finances at 1337Consulting GmbH.
Games : Anno, Fifa

Simon Wiesner

Management, Consultant

I am a thoroughbred gamer and played video games through out my entire childhood. I've always been fascinated by games with interesting gameplay mechanics like Digimon Rumble Arena 2. Today I love playing competitive team games like CS:GO. Amongst other things, I am responsible for our partners and sponsors.
Games : CS:GO, Fifa

Patrick Caddell

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

When I was eleven years old I visited my first LAN tournament in America. That
was the day when I fell in love with competitive gaming. Nowadays I am responsible
for the marketing at 1337Camp and assist professional
players to compete at the highest level and build their own brand.

Our Team consists of young and involved gamers. We have created the ultimate home
for every esports player. With an internal network as fast as 10Gbit and a synchronous internet line we are able to offer our guest an epic gaming experience at a modern, spacious & functional gaming bootcamp.